Third International Workshop


6-8 July 2016 | ICMAT, Campus Cantoblanco UAM, Madrid, Spain

There are two options to arrive at the Workshop from Hotel Weare Chamartín:

A) Train (10 min trip) + 15-20 min walk

B) 5-10 min walk + bus (20 min trip)


  1. The hotel is located by Chamartín Train Station
  2. Take the train* (line C-4) heading to Colmenar Viejo or Alcobendas/San  Sebastián de los Reyes (train timetable and map of train lines in the Madrid area).
  1.      Get off the train at Cantoblanco Universidad (2 stops).
  2.      12-min walk to the Workshop (campus map).


  1. Walk from Hotel Chamartín to Intercambiador de Plaza Castilla (how to go).
  2. Take the bus* (route 714) at the stop number 34, which is located underground in the -2 floor (bus schedule).
  3. Get off the bus at the second stop of Newton st., inside the UAM campus.
  4. 2-min walk to the Workshop (campus map).


* Single train ticket from Chamartín to Cantoblanco Universidad costs 1.85€, and can be purchased at the train station.

10-ride train tickets are a good option for 13.70€.


* A single bus ticket costs 2.0€ and can be purchased inside the bus. Be aware that notes higher than 5€ are not accepted.

10-ride bus tickets (BonoBus A-B1) can be purchased for 12.20€ at the Information Desk in Intercambiador de Plaza Castilla (floor -3).