Third International Workshop


6-8 July 2016 | ICMAT, Campus Cantoblanco UAM, Madrid, Spain

The Third International Workshop on Nonlinear Processes in Oceanic and Atmospheric Flows is the third in a series (previous editions in 2008 in Castro Urdiales, Spain and in 2012 in Madrid, Spain), focussing on nonlinear dynamics of atmospheric and oceanic phenomena. It aims at providing an international forum where prominent researchers investigate the power and impact of Mathematics in these areas and at the same time explore new mathematical challenges proposed by open problems in ocean and atmosphere sciences.

The workshop will be structured along three days, allowing cross-disciplinary interaction among mathematicians, physicists, oceanographers and atmospheric scientists in a wide sense. Topics to be addressed are both theoretical and observational: Lagrangian structures in aperiodic flows, coherent mesoscale structures in the atmosphere and the ocean: jets and eddies, vortices. Advances in nonlinear techniques applied to ocean and atmospheric data and gliders, characterization and measurement of ocean mixing and connectivity and their interaction with biological processes, instabilities in geophysical flows, numerical modeling of ocean (including the Arctic) and atmospheric flows and the assessment of their predictive capacity.


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